Welcome to the Murcian Institute of Sexology

ISM is a privately owned sexology centre, with an expert team of licensed clinical sexologists, dedicated to the treatment and investigation of sexual dysfunctions since 2001.

Clinical Area

ISM has a clinical area dedicated to patients with sexual problems in the city of Murcia, and all of Spain through Skype. We work with most private insurances..

Research Area

ISM works on research projects in the area of sexual medicine, with notable contributions in the fields of premature eyaculation and women´s sexuality.

Academic Area

ISM has a virtual campus to train health professionals, and has internship deals with the University of Murcia, UCAM, UCJC, UNIR and professional associations such as AEPCC.

Restore your sex life now!

After undergoing evaluation, our professional team will indicate the correct form of treatment taking into account the latest advancements in sexual medicine.

Premature Ejaculation

Benefit from cutting edge techniques in sexual medicine and psychology to increase eyaculatory control.

Erectile Dysfucntion

Access the latest advancements in sexual medicine and psychology that best fit your needs.

Low desire

Identify the physiological and psychological causes of reduced sexual desire.

Painful intercourse

Effective treatments for a satisfactory sexual life without discomfort during intercourse.


Find the correct therapy with the help of our trained sexologists.

Delayed Ejaculation

We will help you find and correct the causes of delayed ejaculation to recuperate control in your sexaul relationships.

Sexual Addiction

Benefit from new combined therapies for the control of sexual addiction>.


Diagnostics, therapy and counseling to recuperate sexual health.

Gender dysphoria

Information, evaluation and elaboration of reports for resignation therapy

Expert reports

Creation of expert reports in the penal area related to human sexuality, abuse, paraphilias etc.


Detection and treatment of sexual abuse at all ages.


Intervention in sexual and affective education for people with mental disabilities.

Sessions at our clinic in the city of Murcia are available through appointment Monday to Friday from 10h to 22h.

Online sessions through Skype with a specialist Monday to Friday from 10h to 22h

Patient guides for premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, vaginism, anorgasmy and low desire. Download free..

You can listen to and download our radio podcasts about sexual health, ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and much more..

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Our Staff
Dar el paso de consultar con un especialista acerca de nuestra vida sexual es muy dificil por eso tenemos la responsabilidad de no fallar a nuestros pacientes.
Jesús Rodríguez Director de ISM
La educación sexual y el asesoramiento sexológico son clave para la calidad de vida de las personas con discapacidad.
Maria Dolores Discapacidad.
Un sexólogo clínico debe actualizar sus conocimientos constantemente y estar al día de los avances en medicina sexual en áreas como la urología, psicología, andrología y fisioterapia.
Lola Clares RRHH Y Formación.
#murciaseproject supuso el primer gran estudio sobre sexualidad femenina de la mujer en la Región de Murcia , más de 26.000 datos nos permitieron publicar un informe que servirá de referencia para futuras investigaciones.
ana lopez Investigadora